Room 7 – Year 5/6 Writing

Oct 10 2022

Room 7 – Year 5/6

This term our class novel has been The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer. We have been exploring the genre of Fantasy. Throughout this term we have examined different reading strategies. In one of our tasks we used the description of the Happily Ever After Assembly to visualise and create our own maps. The description we followed was:
The Land of Stories includes: The Northern Kingdom, the Sleeping Kingdom, the Charming Kingdom, the Corner Kingdom, the Fairy Kingdom, the Red Riding Hood Kingdom, the Elf Empire, the Dwarf Forests, and the Troll and Goblin Territory.
The Northern Kingdom was the largest of the Kingdoms, it took up most of the map. The second largest was the Charming Kingdom, spread across to the south, and the third largest was the Sleeping Kingdom, which stretched to the east. The Dwarf Forests covered the majority of the west.
The tiny Corner Kingdom was tucked away in the south-west corner of the continent, and in the northwest corner was the Elf Empire. In between the Charming Kingdom and the Sleeping Kingdom was the Fairy Kingdom, and just above that was the Troll and Goblin Territory.
The Red Riding Hood Kingdom is in the middle.

The Fairy Kingdom is very colourful
The Troll and Goblin territory is scary and surrounded by rocks and boulders. 
The Red Riding Hood Kingdom is surrounded by a big wall.
There is a Hidden Place in the North West corner. 
The Mermaid Bay is between the Fairy Kingdom and the Sleeping Kingdom.
Here are some of our maps: 

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