Room 9 National Simultaneous Storytime

Oct 13 2022

Room 9 National Simultaneous Storytime

Room 9 took part in 'National Simultaneous Storytime'  where the same book is read at the same time in thousands of classrooms and libraries across Australia
(and the world). This year's book was called 'Family Tree', by Josh Pyke.
'Family Tree' takes the reader through a journey of
what connects and strengthens people and families using the
growth of a gum tree as the connecting idea. As a response to the book,
Room 9 students created some paper circles outlining things and events in our
lives that help us to build strong foundations or 'roots' (such as being part of a team, caring for our family, having new family members or a pet
come into our lives, practising a new skill).
We then drew images on some gum leaves to represent some of the dreams
we have for our futures- the place where these strong roots will lead us!
All of this has been assembled into a beautiful collaborative tree artwork
which is on display in our classroom.
Apparently over two million people were reading 'together' for the event this year! 

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