Beach Volleyball 2022

Nov 22 2022

Beach Volleyball 2022

On Thursday 3rd November Sheidow Park School was represented by 62 volleyball players from years 4-6 at Glenelg Beach Schools Volleyball Competition.
What a fabulous day that was had by all. The rain had cleared from earlier in the week and
we even had a little bit of sunshine.

We were divided into 11 teams with a maximum of 6 students in a team.
Students played a minimum of 3 games dependant on the pool of schools they were placed in. Seven of our student’s teams even made it into their division’s semi-final and
then 2 teams made it to their division’s grand final winning a silver medal, a huge
congratulations to every team involved.

Thank you to all the parents who came and watched, especially
those who volunteered to support our teams and help guide them
through some fabulous wins and also a few disappointing losses.

The students really appreciated having you cheer them on from the sidelines.
Huge thanks to Tim for kindly setting up our shade tents and Debbie and Jodie for their help with all the admin involved in an excursion.
Trish and Christine the students loved having you there and updating you with
their exciting scores, thank you.

Lastly thanks to the 62 students involved for your hard work in the lead up to the event practising and improving with your teams – we really see the best of you on excursions when you support your classmates showing respect, responsibility and persistence which displays what greats sportspeople you are to the schools you compete against.
Miss Sara 

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